Dussehra Celebration

On October 21st, 2023, Modern School  hosted a grand Dussehra celebration, uniting the entire school community in a joyous spectacle of culture and creativity. This event served as a platform to showcase the diverse talents and skills of our students while promoting the core values of our institution.

The purpose of the event was twofold: to connect students with their cultural heritage and provide opportunities for them to demonstrate their skills and creativity. Inspired by the teachings of our founder, Mr. Rakesh Kapoor, who emphasised the importance of spiritual development and understanding one’s purpose, the celebration aimed to instil in students a sense of identity and purpose.

The event featured a captivating dance drama performed by PYP and senior school students, retelling the timeless saga of Shri Ramchandra’s triumph over evil. From the grand entry of Ram with the Banar sena to the dramatic confrontation between Ram and Ravan, each segment of the performance mesmerised the audience and transported them into the world of ancient mythology.

Participants, including Naman as Ram, Lakshya as Laxman and Ananya as Sita, embodied their roles with grace and conviction. One of the highlights of the event was the effigy of Ravan, meticulously crafted by Grade 12 students, which was later ceremoniously burnt, symbolising the victory of good over evil.

As the audience cheered and chanted “JAI SHRI RAM,” the spirit of unity filled the air, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended. Certificates were awarded to participating students, recognizing their contributions to this memorable event that celebrated the rich tapestry of Indian culture and heritage.

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