The story of how I learned how to learn: Rahul Agarwal (Headboy)

My journey from a meek, complaisant kid who was academically average to a confident and bold leader of the school with a varied skillset and being at the very top of my class was the greatest achievement of my life. I came to this school, 7 years ago and the most striking thing I noticed was how happy and fearless the children were, that’s a feeling which has stayed with me till this day, largely because of how unusual it felt. While learning and growing with peers with an incredibly diverse interests as at vmwc and with the open minded and compassionate attitude of teachers towards me, I was successfully able to turn my life around. It was as if this institute was designed to bring the best out of a person and help them become self – dependent human beings.

Our founder’s message resonates through every member of the Vidyatree community and is a key reason behind why this school is so unique in it’s standings. The opportunities I’ve received like holding the post of the krishnamurti house captain and the school’s headboy have made me a much better leader than I ever thought I could be. Vmwc strives to fight dogmatism persisting in the world of Indian education which involves rote learning and focuses primarily on wrapping up the course than on the child’s development and I believe my progress from mediocrity to where I stand right now is the best example of the brilliance of vmwc and its core principles. I can confidently say, I owe whatever I am, whatever I’m going to be to my teachers, my friends and the entire Vidyatree community.

Rahul Agarwal Headboy

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