PYP 5 learnt about the working of United Nations

During their theme ‘How we organize ourselves,’ PYP 5 learners were facilitated with a Guest Lecturer Dr. Ahmad Faizan Inam, a member of UNESCO who is also a parent of the school, to enhance their understanding of a global organization, the United Nations.

He started  with some provocations, where the learners shared their understanding and knowledge about UN. Thereafter, he presented a PPT where he explained thoroughly about the purpose and importance of UN and it’s working. He also shared his real life experiences about his postings under UN.

Dr. Ahmad Faizan Inam not only informed the students about UN but also gave a beautiful insight of the projects that he has been a part of and also spoke about how one can be the member of UN Organization.

He winded up the session with some FAQs. It was overall an engaging and significant interaction which gave the students a deep understanding about every aspects of UN.

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