Grade 6 demonstrated some practical knowledge.


The Modern School constantly targets the knowledge and skill development of its students, this statement was rightly paralleled by the most recent activity which was conducted by the school based on efforts of the students of 6th standard.


The activity was a 3 day event which focused on helping the 6th graders understand the concepts of Profit and Loss. The event constituted of ‘Dhabas’ in form of food stalls setup by groups of students on the 14th, 15th and 16th of July, 2014 which were setup under the school auditorium in the recess time. The students researched on basic consumer needs before setting up the stalls – the consumers being other students of the school. The research included surveys of what the consumers want to eat when they visit each dhaba, and the costs they expect to pay for the food.




On the 3rd day, the parents of the students were cordially invited to visit the stalls and get to know what and how the students learn in The Modern School. The parents heartily appreciated with satisfaction the efforts made by the students as they saw how the school imparts practical life knowledge to its students.


Students learnt the lessons of Business Planning and Strategies through this exercise, gaining knowledge over Investments, Sales, Marketing, Profits and loss. This business example was perfect as some stalls made profits while others took a loss. Various attributes and attitudes were demonstrated by the students in this activity.


A total of Rs.10,000 was made in profits, which the school has decided to give away for charity.


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