Emotional, Cognitive & Physical Safety

Safety & strength of the mind for each child

Emotional Safety

The school has a culture and eco-system of stress-free and caring relationships, between the educators and the children, among the children and between teachers and management/leadership team

The school’s motto is ‘Know Thyself’ – hence teachers & students practice mindfulness meditation and they tend to become open minded, balanced, reflective and caring.

The school believes itself to be the ‘Alma Mater’, that is, the second mother, of the children. Hence the teachers care for children and the school with great care.

The school was founded under the inspiration of Shri Jiddu Krishnamurti. Hence it is committed to protect children’s emotional well being and mental health of children, that is protect their minds from shrinking and arrested development.

The school believes that the development of children takes place only when teachers are well selected, and well developed, continuously. The school believes in stress- free eco-system for teachers, empowerment, long term appointments, provides health insurance, partial post retirement benefits, and other provisions. This ensures high quality maintenance of stress-free eco-system and culture.

Students grow up to be self-confident without a nose-up-in-the-air attitude, and emotionally and mentally healthy.

Cognitive Safety

The teaching methods in all classes and especially in IB classes avoid cramming. Learning is first-hand with real life contexts and hands-on activities,promoting understanding and Higher Order Thinking Skills – which are not stressful. Also classrooms equipped with digital learning resources.

Teachers undergo over 500+ hours of training, coaching and workshops every year. The IB teachers undergo additional workshops conducted by visiting IB trainers.

Besides this, teachers get constant feedback and learning via the rigorous lesson planning process.