School goes online

School goes online for grades Nursery to Fifth

Modern School Lucknow was founded in 1979.  It offers classes from Grades Nursery to Twelfth, as per International Baccalaureate (IB) and ICSE/ISC. The school was founded as a tribute to the great spiritual teacher Shri J Krishnamurti, the neo-Buddhist. It was never founded as a business or an ego-system.

It is part of the eco-system of the world for the welfare of the world and good development of children. For the children the school is the Alma Mater, that is, the second mother. All our alumni are well settled in life.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the school has taken its classes online via video calls and the parent  engagement smartphone app Lernio. The school academic started as per schedule at end of March.  The school is authorised for IB PYP and also for ISC upto class XII.

The school is now offering students of grades Nursery to Five, from other cities, to join the school’s ongoing online classes.

Online School

Classes conducted via online video sessions where the teacher can easily pay attention to each student.

  • Online  video classes
  • Lernio smartphone app to connect with parents and share content
  • Trained, experienced and dedicated teachers (with international IB teaching methods)
  • Enrolment / participation certificate  at the end
  • Students will be part of existing classes
  • Parent training sessions to enable them to support their child’s learning
  • Higher order thinking skills
  • Inquiry and  research skills
  • Communication skills
  • Teachers trained for
    • International Baccalaureate international teaching methods
    • ICSE/ISC syllabus 
  • Emotional intelligence and mindfulness classes
Teaching Methods
  • Inquiry method
  • Activities
  • Daily assignments
  • Worksheets & projects
  • Regular assessments & quizes
First week free

Outstation students (not residing in Lucknow) can attend the classes for free for the first week. Thereafter they pay the same fee as Modern School students, except that their admission fee is waived. If they decide to join on-campus school post the pandemic, they will need to pay the admission fee.

Fee: Rs. 5500 per month

For students residing in Lucknow, students need to enrol in the school as full-time students, and they shall attend the on-campus school once the school reopens post-pandemic.

Fee: As per school regular fee schedule.

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