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Admissions 2020-2021 are now on. Limited vacancies as maximum 25 students per class in primary and middle school

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Vidyatree Modern parents talk how IB students become more knowledgeable.

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Vidyatree Foundation commissioned a survey on stress among school going children of Lucknow.

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The International Baccalaureate curriculum focusses on preparing children with the right skills, attitudes & attributes to prepare them for life.

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VMWC winner among 100 schools


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We asked 50 of our parents, ‘Why IB?’ and ‘Why Vidyatree Modern?’. This is what they had to say.

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IB Classrooms have 20 to 25 students for individual attention

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The students, parents and staff introduce the school.

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The purpose of schools is to prepare children for life. We, at Vidyatree Modern World College, have built our core exactly around that mission – ‘Education for Life’.

Education is not the mere passing of exams. Education is building in children the right capacities, skills, attitudes and values to lead a happy life in the modern world. Education is to make children thinkers, courageous, resilient, strong, compassionate, reflective and lifelong learners.

Education for Life[/themesingleimage][themesingleimage pb_title=”Alumni | At school I learnt how” image=”7930″ color=”#a826cc” alignment=”center” foo=”Default params value”]

to cope with defeat

What I learnt at school has helped me to be a stronger person and with hard work and dedication I am trying to work my way to the top.

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Mr. Rakesh Kapoor founded the school in 1979. He has been a seasoned educationist for the last 35+ years and a happiness coach.

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