Fee Rules

Fee Rules for 2020-2021

  1. It is the responsibility of the parent to pay the complete fee and any other charges by the due date and get the fee receipt. All fees must be paid by the Lernio app on your smartphone. The receipt of payment by Lernio is digitally downloadable. Paying less amount by the due date is equivalent to late payment. 
  2. If you pay by draft to the teacher, get a receipt signed by the class teacher with a school stamp, on the photocopy of the draft. If you do not get the fee receipt within three working days, please contact the school via ‘Parent Desk’ available on the school website and within the mobile app ‘Lernio’. Fee receipts for drafts must be kept with you till the next session starts.
  3. Fee schedule: The school fee for academic session 2020-21 shall be paid via 6 equal instalments due on the following dates: 
    1. First instalment – due by 25 March, 2020
    2. Second instalment – due by 15 May, 2020
    3. Third instalment – due by 15 July, 2020
    4. Fourth instalment – due by 15 September, 2020
    5. Fifth instalment – due by 15 November, 2020
    6. Sixth instalment – due by 15 January, 2021
  4. Whole Year Fee Payment concession: The facility for whole year fee payment is given to make the payment system stressfree for the parents.
  5. Payment System
    1. A parent may pay the fee through the school mobile app ‘Lernio’. For any assistance in using the mobile app for fee payment, the parents may visit the school office between 9 am to 10 am Monday to Friday and working days.
    2. Parents can also pay the fee at the school office or to the class teacher, via a bank draft.
    3. While sending a draft the parent must mention at the back of the draft the following: student name, parent name, class, installment number, and mobile contact numbers.  
    4. Parents are welcome to pay the fee for any number of instalments in advance.
  6. Late fee
    1. After the due date has passed, the fee must be paid with the late fee fine as the amount appears on the ‘Lernio’ app, or at the College office by demand draft during office hours; or demand draft should be sent to the class teacher through the child and receipt obtained within three days.
    2. Sibling concession of 2% in the fee installment will not be applicable after the due date has passed.
    3. Late fee fine: Rs. 50 per day after the due date. 
    4. If the fee is not paid within two weeks of the due date, the teacher will no longer undertake the education of the child and the child’s name will be struck off the rolls of the school and re-admission charges of Rs. 10,000 will be applicable.
  7. Transport Fee
    1. The transportation fee will follow the same fee schedule as an academic fee. Please contact the school office (9554933337, 9918000960) for details, from 9am to 10 am Monday to Friday, working days.
    2. For late payment, the parent will have to pay a fine of Rs. 50 per day. This fine will be in addition to any academic late fee fine. 
    3. For availing the school transport service, the transport service registration form needs to be filled and submitted at the school office. This form will be available at the college office. The bus service is for the complete session, you cannot discontinue in mid-session. If you do you have to pay the balance for the whole session.
  8. Mid-session fee rules
    1. In case of any admission during mid-session, the preceding two fee installments shall be payable. 
    2. In case of any withdrawal during mid-session, the upcoming two fee installments shall be payable before the Transfer Certificate is issued.
    3. The above two rules also apply to the transport fee or any other add-on fee.
  9. Fee Amounts for students studying in the school will be available on ‘Lernio’. For new admissions, please see fee amounts on the college website or inquire at the office (9554933337, 9918000960).


Hon. Administrator    7th March 2020