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Shubhendu Trivedi93.25%
Khushboo Dayani93.25%
Prakhar Pandey93%
Shruti Verma92.25%
Ankur Shukla91.5%
Biranche Tandon91.5%
Richa Gupta90.5%
Rahul Jain90%
Shubhendu Trivedi93.25%



Roopak Jain95.4%
Shiva Upreti94.2%
Shivansh Bhatnagar94.2%
Rajeev Agarwal94%
Riddhi Gulati93.6%
Shivy Mangal93.2%
Wasifa Fatima92.8%
Neeranshi Swaroop92.6%
Shubhra Agarwal92.4%
Yatharth Ranjan92.4%
Shantanu Gupta92.2%
Devansh Srivastava91.8%
Ekta Burman91.4%
Deepshikha Lawania91.2%
Ankit Soti91%
Shweta Srivastava91%




16 brilliant students have scored 90% and above in ICSE examinations.

Roopak Jain, Shiva Upreti and Shviansh Bhatnagar have topped the ICSE exams with percentages of 95.4%, 94.2% and 94.2%.

Roopak Jain had this to say about his success: “I would like to express extreme gratitude to my teachers at The Modern School and my parents without whose help and guidance this would not have been possible.”


8 students have scored 90% and above in the ISC exams.

Khushboo Dayani, Shubhendu Trivedi and Prakhar Pandey have topped the ISC exams with percentages of 93.25%, 93.25% and 93%.

This is what Khushboo has to say about her achievement: “It is the most amazing experience of my life. The credit of my success goes only and only to the teachers of my school. I would also like to thank my parents and God for blessing and guiding me. Thanks to everyone and especially ‘THE MODERN SCHOOL. I’am proud to be a MODERNITE.’

“It is not important what the highest score is. For us, educators, it is more important how many of our students score above 90%, how many students score above 80%.”



Shruti Verma97Comp Sc.
Biranche Tandon96Maths
Utkarsh Rajeev96Maths
Ankur Shukla96Comp Sc.
Deepanshu Lawania96Comp Sc.
Prakhar Pandey96Comp Sc.
Shubhendu Trivedi96ECO
Khushboo Dayani96Acc
Khushboo Dayani95Maths
Shubhendu Trivedi95Comp Sc.
Mallika Gambhir95Acc
Prakhar Pandey94English
Km Harshita Singh94Maths
Anshul Agarwal94Maths
Prakhar Pandey94Maths
Shruti Verma94Maths
Anshul Agarwal94Comp Sc.
Atul Giri94Comp Sc.
Avi Kumar94Comp Sc.
Biranche Tandon94Comp Sc.
Vikram Tandon94Comp Sc.
Kirti Seth94BTN
Khushboo Dayani94ECO
Rishabh Gupta94Acc
Richa Gupta92English
Rishabh Gupta92English
Km Harshita Singh92English
Richa Gupta92Maths
Ankur Shukla92Maths
Mohit Karnatak92Maths
Utkarsh Rajeev92Physics
Mohit Khanna92Comp Sc.
Pooja Singh92Comp Sc.
Rahul Jain92ECO
Shubhendu Trivedi92Acc
Rahul Jain92Acc
Shubhendu Trivedi90English
Shagun Singh90English
Akshat Jakhanwal90English
Ankur Shukla90English
Shruti Verma90English
Deepanshu Lawania90Maths
Mohit Khanna90Maths
Gauri Garg90Comp Sc.
Arjun Rastogi90ECO
Khushboo Dayani90COMM
Arjun Rastogi90Acc
Richa Gupta90Acc



Shiva Upreti100Comp Appl
Shantanu Gupta99EED
Wasifa Fatima99EED
Ankit Soti99Comp Appl
Shivansh Bhatnagar99Comp Appl
Shivy Mangal99Comp Appl
Yatharth Ranjan99Comp Appl
Ankit Soti98EED
Deepshikha Lawania98EED
Devansh Srivastava98EED
Roopak Jain98EED
Shivansh Bhatnagar98EED
Shweta Srivastava98EED
Faraz Nomani98Comp Appl
Rajeev Agarwal98Comp Appl
Roopak Jain98Comp Appl
Shantanu Gupta98Comp Appl
Wasifa Fatima98Comp Appl
Shivy Mangal97EED
Shubhra Agarwal97Comp Appl
Hemant Gulati97Comp Appl
Riddhi Gulati97Comp Appl
Neeranshi Swaroop96Hindi
Shiva Upreti96EED
Yatharth Ranjan96EED
Riddhi Gulati96EED
Divyanshi Rastogi96Maths
Roopak Jain96Maths
Devansh Srivastava96Comp Appl
Madhur Vaish96Comp Appl
Rajeev Agarwal95Hindi
Roopak Jain95Hindi
Shiva Upreti95Hindi
Shubhra Agarwal95Hindi
Riddhi Gulati95Hindi
Ankita Chawla95EED
Yashi Prakash95EED
Neeranshi Swaroop95Maths
Rajeev Agarwal95Maths
Wasifa Fatima95Maths
Aishwarya Tandon95Comp Appl
Avantika Rastogi95Comp Appl
Deepshikha Lawania95Comp Appl
Jigyasa Manocha95Comp Appl
Mukul Saxena95Comp Appl
Neeranshi Swaroop95Comp Appl
Preeti Chotwani95Comp Appl
Rashi Prakash95Comp Appl
Shweta Srivastava95Comp Appl
Suyash Talwar95Comp Appl
Ekta Burman95Comm Std
Ankita Chawla94Hindi
Deepshikha Lawania94Hindi
Sagar Lalwani94Hindi
Shivy Mangal94Hindi
Shweta Srivastava94Hindi
Sonali Mukherjee94Hindi
Upasna Manocha94Hindi
Wasifa Fatima94Hindi
Avantika Rastogi94EED
Faraz Nomani94EED
Jigyasa Manocha94EED
Neeranshi Swaroop94EED
Pranav Harshe94EED
Rajeev Agarwal94EED
Madhur Vaish94Maths
Shiva Upreti94Maths
Shivansh Bhatnagar94Maths
Shivansh Bhatnagar94Sci
Ankur Tripathi94Comp Appl
Divyanshi Rastogi94Comp Appl
Hitesh Daryani94Comp Appl
Ishan Rastogi94Comp Appl
Shivam Singh94Comp Appl
Shubham Asthana94Comp Appl
Vishal Priyadarshi94Comp Appl
Rupsha Roy Choudhury94Comm Std
Shashank Patel94Comm Std
Riddhi Gulati94Comm Std
Priya Pandey94Comm Std
Aishwarya Tandon92Hindi
Avantika Rastogi92Hindi
Hitesh Daryani92Hindi
Ishan Rastogi92Hindi
Jigyasa Manocha92Hindi
Rashi Prakash92Hindi
Rashi Srivastava92Hindi
Shantanu Gupta92Hindi
Shivansh Bhatnagar92Hindi
Smriti Pant92Hindi
Supreet Batra92Hindi
Yatharth Ranjan92Hindi
Avnish Vikram Singh92Hindi
Ekta Burman92Hindi
Aayush Kapoor92EED
Abhinav Bhatnagar92EED
Madhur Vaish92EED
Rishabh Mankatala92EED
Shubhra Agarwal92EED
Ekta Burman92EED
Ankit Soti92HCG
Rajeev Agarwal92HCG
Shantanu Gupta92HCG
Shivansh Bhatnagar92HCG
Aayush Kapoor92Maths
Aayushi Agarwal92Maths
Devansh Srivastava92Maths
Ishan Rastogi92Maths
Shivam Singh92Maths
Shubhra Agarwal92Maths
Yatharth Ranjan92Maths
Roopak Jain92Sci
Shantanu Gupta92Sci
Shiva Upreti92Sci
Yatharth Ranjan92Sci
Aayushi Kapoor92Comp Appl
Ankita Chawla92Comp Appl
Dhawal Gupta92Comp Appl
Sagar Lalwani92Comp Appl
Upasna Manocha92Comp Appl
Ekta Burman92Comp Appl
Rupsha Roy Choudhury92Comp Sc
Suruchi Prabhakar92Art
Roopak Jain90Eng
Abhinav Bhatnagar90Hindi
Devansh Srivastava90Hindi
Diksha Bharti90Hindi
Faraz Nomani90Hindi
Nitish Tiwari90Hindi
Sanika Shukla90Hindi
Shashank Patel90Hindi
Suruchi Prabhakar90Hindi
Aishwarya Tandon90EED
Hitesh Daryani90EED
Sagar Lalwani90EED
Shivam Singh90EED
Supreet Batra90EED
Hemant Gulati90EED
Rupsha Roy Choudhury90EED
Devansh Srivastava90HCG
Roopak Jain90HCG
Shiva Upreti90HCG
Shivy Mangal90HCG
Yatharth Ranjan90HCG
Riddhi Gulati90HCG
Hemant Gulati90Maths
Devansh Srivastava90Sci
Rajeev Agarwal90Sci
Mansi90Comp Appl
Pranav Harshe90Comp Appl
Shreshtha Verma90Comp Appl
Urvashi Agarwal90Comp Appl
Pulkit Chopra90Comp Appl
Suruchi Prabhakar90Comp Sc
Rupsha Roy Choudhury90Art
Harshita Upadhyay90Art

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