Following are the fee rules and fee schedule for session 2019-20 for students who have been studying in the school. For students taking new admission during session  2019-20 please see fee structure here.

Fee Schedule & Rules 2019-2020

  1. It is the responsibility of the parent to pay the complete fee and any other charges by the due date, and get the fee receipt. Paying less amount by due date is equivalent to late payment. If you do not get the fee receipt within three working days, please contact the school via ‘Parent Desk’ available on the school website and within the mobile app Lernio.
  2. Fee schedule: The school fee for academic session 2019-20 shall be paid via 6 equal instalments due on the following dates:
    1. First instalment – due by 15 March, 2019
    2. Second instalment – due by 15 May, 2019
    3. Third instalment – due by 15 July, 2019
    4. Fourth instalment – due by 15 September, 2019
    5. Fifth instalment – due by 15 November, 2019
    6. Sixth instalment – due by 15 January, 2020
  3. Sibling’s fee concession: Parents can also avail 2% fee concession on each six installment for the sibling of the child studying at Vidyatree Modern world college.
  4. Payment System
    1. The first fee instalment shall be paid by sending a cheque/draft, to the class teacher or to the school office, or by swiping credit / debit card at the school office. If sending cheque/draft parent must mention at the back of cheque/draft the following: student name, parent name, class and mobile contact numbers.  
    2.  Fee instalments shall be paid online through the school mobile app Lernio. For any assistance in using the mobile app for fee payment, the parents may visit the school office.
    3. Parents are welcome to pay fee for any number of instalments in advance.
  5. Fee receipts: All fee receipts will be available within the online fee payment system via the mobile app. Parents are responsible for obtaining the duly signed (by all signatories) fee receipt and keeping it carefully till one month after the end of the session for reconciliation of fee accounts. In case of any confusion, the parent may have to produce the receipt. In case any receipt is not available to you, contact the college immediately via the Parents’ Desk available on the college website and the mobile app.
  6. Late fee:
    1. After the due date has passed, fee must be paid with the late fee fine, at the College office by credit card or demand draft during office hours; or demand draft should be sent to the class teacher through the child and receipt obtained within 3 days.
    2. Late fee fine: Rs. 50 per day after the due date.
    3. If the fee is not paid within 2 weeks of due date, the teacher will no longer undertake the education of the child and the child’s name will be struck off the rolls of the school and re-admission charges of Rs. 15000 will be applicable.
  7. Transport Fee
    1. The transportation fee will follow the same fee schedule as academic fee. Please contact the college office (0522 4021406) for details.
    2. For late payment, the parent will have to pay a fine of Rs. 25 per day. This fine will be in addition to any academic late fee fine.
    3. For availing the school transport service, the transport service registration form needs to be filled and submitted at the school office. This form will be available at the college office.
  8. Mid session fee rules
    1. In case of any admission during mid session, the preceding one fee instalments shall be payable.
    2. In case of any withdrawal during mid session, the upcoming one fee instalments shall be payable before the Transfer Certificate is issued.
    3. The above two rules apply also on transport fee or any other add-on fee.

Fee Amount 2019-2020 – Nur, LKG, UKG

Each fee instalment amount is as follows:

  • Grade Lower KG: Rs. 10,410
  • Grade Upper KG: Rs. 10,410

Fee Amount 2019-2020 – Grades I to V

Each fee instalment amount is as follows:

  • Grade I: Rs. 10,410 
  • Grades II to V: Rs. 11,780

Fee Amount 2019-2020 – Grades VI to VIII

Each fee instalment amount is as follows:

  • Grade VI: Rs. 12,870
  • Grade VII & VIII: Rs. 13,370

Fee Amount 2019-2020 – Grades IX to XII

Each fee instalment amount is as follows:

  • Grade IX Science: Rs. 13,050
  • Grade IX Commerce: Rs. 13,050
  • Grade X Science: Rs. 13,370
  • Grade X Commerce: Rs. 13,370
  • Grade XI Science: Rs. 14,130
  • Grade XI Commerce: Rs. 13,370
  • Grade XII Science: Rs. 14,130
  • Grade XII Commerce: Rs. 13,370

Transport Service Fee Amount 2018-2019

Fee shall be paid in 6 equal instalments along with the academic fee.

Each fee instalment amount, based on distance of student’s home from the school, is as follows:

  • 0 to 3 km – Rs. 5,150/- 
  • 3 to 6 km – Rs. 5,850/-
  • 6+ km – Rs. 6,800/-

For one way transport service, 75% of the fee shall be charged.

A one-time transport service refundable security deposit of Rs. 2,000/- is also to be paid for new transport service registrations.

The security deposit is forfeited if the student or parent breaks any transport service rule. Please contact the school office for transport service registration form.

Transport Service Rules & Regulations

  1. Bus/van service is for the full session. Whole session’s fee is chargeable even if the child stops using the bus/van service in mid-session.
  2. Setting up of time and location of student pick up and drop shall be entirely at the administrator’s discretion. It can be changed due to route or punctuality problems. In case of a change the parents shall be informed in advance.
  3. The administrator or the school management has the right to change the school bus/van fee whenever deemed necessary due to increase in the diesel prices or in case of any new tax levied by the government or any other reason.
  4. The administrator has the right to not to accept a student to the bus/van service on grounds of route or discipline problems.
  5. In case the child is not present in time at the point of pick up, the bus/van will not wait. Similarly if there is no one at the point of drop, to receive the child, the child will be brought back to the school. Then the parent has to come to school to pick up the child within 45 minutes.
  6. Fee shall be as per route and distance. The fee shall be charged in 6 equal instalments along with the school fee. This fee is non-refundable. Incase less than fifteen students come during extra classes/vacation the bus/van will not ply on the route.
  7. No bus/van related complaint shall be entertained at the reception. Parents are requested to use the parent desk available on the school website and the school mobile app. In case of an emergency please contact the school office at: 0522-4021406 or 99180 00960.
  8. Students are required to be disciplined in behavior and speech in the bus/van. In case there is a violation of the code of conduct the student’s bus service shall be withdrawn without any refund.
  9. In case any child does any damage to the school transport vehicles (fixtures, seat covers, etc.), the parents will have to compensate the school for the repair of the same.
  10. From time to time the school transport vehicles need to be sent for servicing and/or repairs or sometimes the driver is absent by surprise. On those days parents will have to manage the transportation of their children to and fro the school themselves.
  11. In case of any new applicant, a maximum of a week’s time will be required to adjust the route and start picking up the child.
  12. No tips or gifts should ever be given to the bus/van driver or conductor. It spoils the bus service for other users.
  13. These rules herein may be amended at any time at the sole discretion of the management.